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Flying Bantu
22 Nov 17
Last night the band Flying Bantu were at the Alexander Bar.
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Blood Brothers | 30 September 2017
27 Sep 17
10 Rock Stars One Stage 3 Hours Of Non-Stop Rock ’N Roll
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Zakifo - It's What You Need
07 Jun 17
Lurking on Durbanís beachfront is a music festival done a bit differently. It has eschewed the grubby campgrounds and 24 hour rumbling basslines for a carefully curated inner city experience. This isnít original Ė weíve seen day fests come and go Ė but what sets Zakifo apart is its emphasis on importing talented and often underrated artists from across the globe.
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3 Tons of Fun
24 Apr 17
I was tipped off that 3 Tons of Fun were exactly that, and so I was looking forward to reviewing the show at the Alexander Bar on Friday night.
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Adjusting to life after Up the Creek
09 Feb 17
Thereís always a period of readjustment when returning from a festival. As you sit under the cold fluorescent lights of a fast-food cafť, you realise that the guy across the counter is unlikely to want to chat. Opening bleary eyes after your first nap in a real bed, youíre forced to quash the urge to run down to the river for a wake-up swim. Morning beers are no longer part of your life. Itís a period of confused alignment with the harsh realities of the real world.
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Albert Frost: The Wake Up
24 Apr 16
Albert Frost has been in the music industry for over 2 decades, and he’s still having the time of his life. He has played with some of SA’s best musicians, becoming a much-loved icon in the blues-rock scene. Now, almost 7 years after his last original release, he’s back with one of the most carefully crafted albums to come out of South Africa in years.
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Durban - whereís the music?
15 Jan 16
I'm a huge fan of music. That statement seems trite, but it's true - my love for music extends, naturally, beyond any single genre. Hip hop, metal, punk, prog rock, weird electronica, classical... you name it, I can appreciate it. The only exception to this love stands in a predictable place - almost all of what plays on the radio and in clubs. This repetitive, unimaginative twaddle is unforgivable, the soundtrack to a slow death with all the creativity of a washing machine on rinse cycle. It should go without saying that when one goes hunting for live music, this does not count. However, my quest for music in Durban was characterised by high praise of super-clubs peppered with stories of 'booze, boobs and betties.'
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Sad news about 947 Joburg Day
24 Jul 15
Every year we look forward to Jo'burg Day because, well, it drives massive traffic to our site with people looking for ticket prices or the line-up or the venue. Of course, we also love the day out itself. But sadly, 947 have decided to can Jo'burg Day.
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Gallery: Ultra 2015
16 Feb 15
Ultra Music Festival returned to South Africa this past weekend with the promise of one helluva party. The festival, with iterations worldwide, boasted some of the biggest names in electronic dance music and attracted around 50 000 people in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Here's what went down.
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Gallery: James Blunt
12 Feb 15
James Blunt launched the South African leg of his 'Moon Landing' World Tour at the sold out GrandWest Grand Arena last night. He performs again tonight before moving to Johannesburg on Sunday.
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