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New Album Alert: The Plastics - The Bright Blue Orchids

2nd February 20

"We wanted our new album to be timeless; simple, catchy and full of emotion and inspiration."
Friday, 31 January 2020 sees the release of The Plastics’ 4th studio offering; a concept album under the name The Bright Blue Orchids.

The Bright Blue Orchids is a gateway into different realms of creativity for the band and is all about love, peace, lightness, darkness and the healing powers of music and nature. Primarily written by Sasha Righini (formerly on drums) in a two-week blaze of creative energy, the album takes a stand for what the band believe in and represents their version of music that can last forever. Written out of frustration, desperation and loss, Sasha listened to a lot of 60s music and realised the way artists used to write songs has become somewhat of a lost art these days, this album is his and the bands attempt to capture the timeless quality of the music from this bygone era.

The album features a fresh and snappy sound which pays homage to the greats of music and songwriting. It’s a celebration of simplicity and communion between music and the musicians making it; a sound which will sound new and familiar at the same time. Conjuring up visions of hazy days and electric romance, tragic lovers and magic winters, the music takes the listener on a time machine back to the era of flower power. Intimate and rambunctious at the same time, it is music for lovers and soul chasers.
“We are thrilled to present our new concept album to the world. These are songs written from the heart and bear some high and low points over the last few years - fans can expect something fresh and snappy with direct influence drawn from the 60s, 70s and even 80s. Packed full of interesting sounds and insights into what it’s like to be in and out of love with a twist of seething drama - this album is an ode to the power of light and love. In a modern world of subversive and negative values being portrayed in music, we realised someone needs to fight for love and magic and that’s exactly what we set out to do - music is magic and love is real and that’s the message of this album.”

Get your hands on The Bright Blue Orchids here.

Photo by Lauren Weller.
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