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At-home entertainment for the quarantined

16th March 20

Chris Parsons

Whether mandatory or self-imposed, we're all going to spend a lot of time quarantined indoors. Try these fun at-home entertainment ideas while you wait out the virus!

Do some equipment-free exercises

Take the edge off cabin fever while staying fit and healthy with some exercises that require little to no equipment. There are loads of videos online to give you ideas for everything from HIIT to yoga, and most need nothing more than a mat or a chair.

Binge-watch an old classic

Remember that one show you watched when you were younger that blew you away? Or that show everyone talked about, but you just never really got around to? Now’s your chance! Get through some old-but-gold series like The Wire or Dazed and Confused, or finally see what the hype around Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad is all about.

Read a book

You’re always saying you just don’t have the time – well now you do. Don’t think of it as a chore; reading is incredible, but often requires some real peace-of-mind to get into. Next time you see a long afternoon of no responsibilities yawning before you, make some tea, get comfortable and dive in to a good novel.

Make your house a home

When we’re constantly out and about, our houses can become a bit of a mess. Take the time to give your house a proper spring-clean, organise your stuff and get everything in order. Once that’s done, look up some fun DIY projects to turn your home into a place you want to spend all day in!

Catch up with relatives

You’re all stuck inside anyway; why not get the whole family on Skype for an international get-together!

Get creative

Did life get in the way of your artistic passion? Pick up the paintbrush, dust off the guitar or rediscover those embroidery patterns you hoarded all those years ago. You’ve got the time to put your creative juices into a long and rewarding project.

Learn a new skill

Have you been on the internet? It’s packed with free instructional videos and articles on all sorts of skills, from coding to cooking to new languages. Not only will you feel a great sense of achievement, you’ll have a new skill to put into practice when this is all over!


The benefits of meditation are numerous, from alleviating stress and anxiety to supporting emotional wellbeing and self-awareness. Find an online guided meditation that works for you, and remember to be kind to yourself – no-one achieves enlightenment on their first go.

Find ways to help others

If you stocked up a bunch of necessities, think about those who can’t afford to do the same. Create care packages for the next time you have to leave the house, and drop them in front of those who may need some extra assistance. They’ll appreciate it more than you could probably know.

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